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Earth has changed

Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered unconditional space travel programs for exploration. Capitalists and investors worldwide joined the deep space travel to explore and colonize an alien planet for space mining and research new technologies. The new resources made the private space flight companies more powerful on Earth.


Now the capitalists rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a bright future for humanity on the surface while concealing a sinister agenda below and eliminating all who dissent from their new order.


The plenty of resource curse and volatile capitalist empire caused the paradox of global events to destabilize the world, the collapse of capitalist society and an uncertain future for humanity.


As part of a new capitalist empire, you will write the next chapter for humanity as you lead your people into a new frontier and create a new civilization. Take command of the Metabeing, find a way to rise from the ashes, and expose capitalist empires' sinister plans. Use technology and deep space travel to recruit Metabeings from the exoplanets and eliminate the empire threat.


Focus on building new empires, re-develop other capitalist empires, and recovering the struggling human race by bringing a new beginning for humanity.


Answer the call of the emperor and empress! Join the Alliance that is Game of Metas. Customize your empire, build an army and crush your opponents. Like using friendship to strike fear into your enemies? Join an empire, or establish an empire alliance legacy by creating your own. Download for free Game of Matas, emperor and empress!

Game of Metas UI design


Discover the hidden depths of the portal. Meta heroes are transported from another world with the rest of their clan to fight in a war against the empire race.


The colonising Alien world brought some significant changes to the armoury to face off against a new evil Empire that will pursue your squad across an entire campaign.

The galaxy is vast and full of wonders.

Metabeings of extraordinary ability is an alien classification by empire Citizenship and Immigration Services.

5 Rarities

Intern, Flyer, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each has a different level and health.

5+ Skills

Forms of Attack Melee, Ranged, Magic, Healer, and Philosopher, more to come.

5 Elements

Metabeings from exo-planet are born with Cold, Fire, Lightning, Physical, and Poison elements. And more Metabeings are on the secured clinical trial.

20+ Abilities

Unique metabeing abilities allow players to turn the tide of battle in unexpected and exciting ways!

80 Unique Metabeings

Characters give players a robust variety of combinations. Collect them all!

3star NFT card Flash Sword.png

Chaos is coming!

The battle, increasingly difficult enemies, and empire is coming to destroy your stronghold. Take advantage of the weapon systems of the future and develop a mighty empire. 

KGF 3 Minigun.png
P90 Rail Gun.png
Defence Turrets.png
Proton pack.png

Build a stronghold

Take command of the Metabeings, command your forces in battles, and forge alliances with a powerful empire to expand your influence using your ranking.

First Lieutenant.png
Second Lieutenant.png
Lieutenant Colonel.png
Brigadier General.png
Major General.png
Lieutenant General.png

Conquer in a Heads-up battle

Strategy is critical in selecting your troops for the heads-up battle with the empire. Easy to play, hard to strategise. Challenge your enemies to a heads-up match. Organise your hero troops, go to war and crush your enemies in bloody conflict. The victors write history.

NFT Card game live online battle

Get ready to maximize your NFT art collections

Savage your enemies at your gates. Will you fall, or will you remain unconquered? Game of Metas is also a multi-blockchain NFT gaming where players can use their NFTs from their web3 wallet.

Buy NFT Game cards on ethereum


Collect, buy, sell, and trade 100% unique NFT cards on our marketplace to create your ultimate team. There are no costs to sign up or play.

5 Star NFT card
4 Star NFT card
3 Star NFT card
2 Star NFT card
1 Star NFT card


Game of Metas is still in the early phases of development. Join the Discord community to give feedback to the devs and leave your mark on the game. Talk to other players to discuss your winning strategy, tips, and meta.

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